Inkjet Printer for Printing Industry

Manufacturer & Exporter of Inkjet Printer for Printing Industry. Our product range also comprises of Cutting & Printing Machines, Inkjet Printer and Eco Solvent Printer.

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Digital Inkjet Printer

Picture of  Digital Inkjet Printer
1.4-color high-speed output, 600dpi; 2.Intelligent machine, no need high configuration of computer; 3.Easy operation, convenient maintenance, saving time and labor.

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High Speed Inkjet Printer

Picture of  High Speed Inkjet Printer
Item Code: SC-5500 1. Rigid design 2. Require less maintenance 3. Optimum functionality

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Inkjet Plotter Auto Cad Output Compatible Directly Print

Picture of  Inkjet Plotter Auto Cad Output Compatible Directly Print
Item Code: SC760
Other Details:
Autocad drive support (directly output)
Desktop drive support (use like normal desktop printer)
USB output guide

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Screen Engraver

Picture of  Screen Engraver
1.Incredible speed; 2.A more accurate cartridge with 640 nozzles; 3.Excellent print quality, the resolution is 1200dpi; 4.Maintop software, which is easier to operate.

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Digital Inkjet Indoor Printer

Picture of Digital Inkjet Indoor Printer
Item Code: DE-5500L
Other Details:
Adopting thermal inkjet microburst technology, which makes high pictures quality. 6 colors (C, M, Y, K, CL, ML)
High precision printing Resolution can reach to 1200 dpi

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SK-2000 Eco-solvent Printer

Picture of SK-2000 Eco-solvent Printer
1.Epson DX5 micro piezo cartridge, higher quality print; 2.Intelligent machine, no need high configuration of computer; 3.Easy operation and maintenance, saving time and labor; 4.Unparalleled high-speed and high-resolution.

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SK-2000 Inkjet Printer Eco-solvent

Picture of SK-2000 Inkjet Printer Eco-solvent
Item Code: SC-R160
Other Details:
Double four-color printing, 1.62 m wide format output
2. Indoor and outdoor ink are both available, meeting different printing needs

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Vinyl Printing Machine

Picture of Vinyl Printing Machine
Item Code: SC-320TS
Fully automatic
Very convenient to work at night
Proper functioning

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