Four-color printing, 1.8 meter wide format output Printing resolution can reach to 1440 DPI , even the word is small as 0.5mm Foggy Print, Variable, Wave print
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Machine Features:

ü  Four-color printing, 1.8 meter wide format output

ü  Different kinds of ink can be choosed, made the picture more gorgeous and lifelike

ü  Printing resolution can reach to 1440dpi, even the word is small as 0.5mm

ü  Three different sizes of dots, achieving the complement of point technology, eliminating the granular sensation of the images, even under high speed or low resolution, high quality images can be printed

ü  Multi-row pinch rollers ensure the machine can print with an accurate size of feeding media

ü  Rip while printing;

ü  Printing area selectable;

ü  Skip white printing direction

ü  Foggy Print, Variable, Wave print;

ü  Simple Print Head Callibration mode can be easily mastered by operators;

ü  Micro Adjustment of Printhead Voltage;

ü  Specific brushless motor, stronger power and longer work life;

ü  Adjustable speed, uni/bi-direction and step value during printing;

ü  Automatic and constant ink system cleaning function;

ü  Options for soft, normal and strong printheads sucking;

ü  All color channels can be exchanged freely so as to prolong the printheads life span 

Technical Parameters and Specifications:


Epson DX5 Micro Piezo technology (180 nozzles x 8 lines)*1 head

Print Width



540, 720,1080, 1440dpi

Print Mode

540x720dpi, 720x720dpi, 720x1440dpi, 1440x1440dpi

Ink Type


Eco Solvent ink-ES3

Printing Media

Flex Banner, Adhesive Vinyl, PVC Lamination film, Glass Film, PP VINYL,

Mesh, One Way Vision, Canvas, Paper, etc.

Standard Print Speeds 1440 dpi ’ Output in square feet per hour(square meters per hour)

Production Mode

150 sfph (15 smph)

Photo mode

110 sfph (11.smph)

Hyperfine Mode

80 sfph (8 smph)

                       Ink Cost @ ₹ 1 per sq. ft.

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